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The Tic Tac Toe Game was Powered By Fixion Games. Try it Out! Mega Tic Tac Toe is a strategy based on Tic Tac Toe, and gives you never experienced feel with fresh logic.

So How does Tic Tac Toe APP work?

Mega tic tac toe (also called ten-tac-toe, super tic tac toe, strategic tic tac toe, meta tic tac toe, tic tac toe, or (tic-tac-toe).is a board game composed of nine tic tac toe boards arranged in a 3 × 3 grid. until one of them wins in the larger tic-tac-toe board Players take turns playing in the smaller tic tac toe boards. In the Comparison to the traditional tic tac toe, is conceptually more difficult in this game when it comes to strategy and has proven trickier by computers.

Each small 3 × 3 tic tac toe board is mentioned as a mini board, and the larger 9 × 9 board is mentioned as the mega board.

The game begins with X playing anywhere in any of the 81 unoccupied spots. This action transports its opponent to a nearby location. If X played in the top right square of their mini board, for example, O must play on the mega board at the top right of the Mega board next. Each move sends X to a different mini board, allowing O to play in any of the nine available positions on that mini board.

The entire mini board is marked as a victory for the player in the mega board. If a move is played to win a mini board by the rules of normal tic tac toe.

No more moves can be played in a mini board when that particular mini board is won by a player or it is filled completely but in case if a player is sent to such a board, then that player may play in any other board.

In Another version if there are still empty spaces in the already won boxes the player can make a move on that box. This makes the game to last longer and involves further strategic moves. This is up to the players on which rule to follow. that this set of rules which was in 2020 for the game admits a winning strategy for the first player to move, which means that the first player to move can always win assuming perfect play.

Game play comes to an end when one of the players wins the mega board or there are no moves left.

Due to complicated game branching in this Mega Tic Tac Toe is agreeable that it is significantly more complex than most other variations of tic tac toe, as there is no clear strategy to playing. Even though every move must be played in a mini board likewise to a normal tic tac toe board, each move must take into account the mega board in several ways.

Predicting Opponent Moves

Every and every move made on a mini board determines where the opponent's next move will be made. So that the opponent is transported to another mini board and may not be able to respond immediately, moves that would be considered terrible in standard tic tac toe may be viable. As a result, instead of only focusing on the mini board, players are required to look into the mega board.

Visualizing The Game Tree

As said each move determines the next move so it's quite challenging to predict the future branches of the game tree and therefore predicting future moves follows a much less linear path. Future board positions are no longer interchangeable, each move leading to starkly different possible positions in future. This makes the game tree difficult to visualize, possibly leaving many potential paths overlooked.

Winning The Game

The mega board is never directly influenced by the rules of mega tic tac toe. It is controled only by decisions made by mini boards.This means that each move in mini board is made with the goal of winning the mega board rather than the local board. Mini board winnings are meaningless unless they can be exploited to win the mega board; in fact, it may be a smarter move to give up a local board to your opponent in order to win a more significant local board.

Mega Tic Tac Toe Rules

Mega Tic Tac Toe has 9 usual Tic Tac Toe boards arranged in a 3x3 grid. Each board is played precisely like the original Tic Tac Toe, but the trick is that you can't pick which board you want to play with (except on initial move).

#1 First Move

On their first move, a player is allowed to play on any one of the nine boards. In the example, X chooses to play in the sixth cell of the second board (out of all 81 possible cells).

#2 Next moves

No matter what The player must always play on the BOARD that corresponds to the position of the previous CELL (note that both are in a 3x3 grid). Because X had already played in cell number six, O must now play on board number six (marked in yellow). Now that O has chosen to play in the middle cell, X will be the next player on the middle board.

How To Win Tic Tac Toe

The first player, who wins many mink boards in the mega board wins the game.

Important extra rule:

If the board you're about to play has already been resolved, you can (and must) choose another (unresolved) board to play on.There is no obvious winning strategy in Mega Tic Tac Toe, and I have little to say about that. On the other hand, is clearly insignificant.Winning a single Tic Tac Toe board

Mega Tic Tac Toe online/offline:

Mega Tic Tac Toe online is a fun challenging game, and it runs almost on any device.

Optimal strategy for player X:

If starting in a corner, this would be the best tactic for player X. The shaded X in each grid denotes the best option, and the location of O's next move indicates the next sub grid to investigate. Only two move sequences for O (both starting with centre, top-right, left-mid) result in a draw, while the remainder sequences result in X victories.

Optimal strategy for player O:

Only by playing in the centre initially can Player O force a win or a draw. A player can play a flawless game of tic tac toe (to win or at least draw) if they take the first available move from the following list each time it is their turn to play, as in Newell and Simon's 1972 tic tac toe programme.


If the player has two consecutive wins, they can add a third to make three consecutive wins.


The player must play the third to prevent the opponent from blocking them the opponent has two in a row This causes a circumstance in which the player has two options for winning (two non-blocked lines of 2). Blocking an opponent's fork:The player should take it. If the opponent has only one fork option, Otherwise, the player should prevent all forks in any method that permits them to make two consecutive forks at the same time.

Otherwise, to compel the opponent to defend ,the player should make two consecutive in a row as long as they do not produce a fork.

"O" cannot win by playing a corner move when "X" has two opposite corners and "O" has the centre.

(In this case, playing a corner move results in a fork for "X" to win.) The centre is marked with a player.

(If it is the initial move of the game, making a corner move gives the second player more chances to make a mistake and hence may be the superior choice; nevertheless, perfect players are unaffected.) The player must play the opposite corner at the moment the opponent is in the corner.

Differentiation through tic tac toe:

In a classroom, students have a variety of ways of thinking and learning. Educators must adapt to a variety of learning styles and demands by presenting knowledge in a variety of formats.

Differentiated instruction is the term for this:

In this session The tic tac toe method will be discussed as a way for teachers to differentiate and organize learners in the classroom.

In a classroom, a tic tac toe board is a grid that teachers present to children with filled-in spots of several approaches to achieve a goal. Students have the option of picking up the task they would like to do. The tasks are specially designed to the interests and abilities of various students.

Some assignments, for example, will be adapted to learners who learn best through movement. Other assignments may concentrate on writing. On top of that other assignments would also concentrate on the literary or visual elements of a project.

What's the point of differentiating?

Differentiated instruction does not imply that children are given fully different assignments or that they are graded on entirely different criteria. Some students may be working on tasks that are similar to other students . Academic lessons have a goal for the students to achieve at the end of the lesson. Students are all ranked on the same goal. Teachers can often provide direction, to assist students in reaching their goals.

Some kids are provided with accommodations as part of their education plans. Accommodation is nothing but anything that aids the learner For example: Anything that helps a student achieve goals in the classroom, such as being seated closest to the board or obtaining extra time on examinations, is considered an accommodation.

Since every student is entitled to the least restrictive environment Differentiation is quite challenging. This kind of environment for a student is one with greatest chances of success.

When a teacher delivers visual prompts and lets them sit where they can pay attention best, for example, a youngster who has problems with attention is in their least restrictive environment. For this type of learner, the back row would be the least restrictive environment.

Teachers can differentiate information by giving students tasks to complete based on standards and different levels of understanding, which will be covered further in Levels of Understanding.

Differentiation Methods in Tic Tac Toe:

With objectives ranging from simple math puzzles to story analysis the tic tac toe boards can be utilised in academic areas

The most important characteristic of this teaching approach is to remember whether it allows students to select a task in which they are comfortable. Although some students are not writers, they may be creative artists. Because of this , in the classroom, the teacher should appreciate differences, and this activity is a good method to do so.

#1 Understanding Levels

According to Benjamin Bloom's taxonomy, often known as Bloom's Taxonomy, there are several levels of understanding. In recent years, the terms remember, understand, application, analysis, evaluation, and creation have been added to the revised version. The levels of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and assessment were included in the prior edition from 1956.

#2 Understanding Levels

1. Knowledge: A student is asked to simply deliver information from memory at this level. For eg .A student may be questioned to label plant parts by the teacher.

2. Comprehension: In order to demonstrate their understanding of a concept at this level, students must ask closed-ended questions, such as stating the main character in a story.

3. Application: At this phase , students should be able to apply what they've learned in earlier classes to new situations, like running experiments with the same variables.

4. Analysis: On a concept in which Students learned earlier are encouraged to consider different perspectives of that concept such as observing differences and similarities, at the analysis level.

5. Evaluation: This is the highest and most difficult level of comprehension.

At this level, students can clearly explain concepts and provide sufficient evidence to back up their assertions. A teacher can quickly design a tic tac toe differentiation board based on the levels of comprehension. The class is working on the various abilities of the students in the room ,Based on the difficulty of the lesson ,the instructor could use all or some of the levels of understanding. If the teacher has noticed that each student has progressed in the topic by using tic tac toe board as a review, the teachers may let the students to select tasks from the upper levels. On the other hand, However, it is critical to guarantee that each student's ability level is displayed on the board while using this strategy. Tasks based on the higher levels would be included on an advanced tic tac toe board (application, analysis, and evaluation).

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